• Determine a transportation vision for the Portneuf Valley
  • Identify regional investments, policies and strategies
  • Develop a 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan
  • Incorporate community livability and sustainability principles
  • Actively engage transportation stakeholders


The Bannock Transportation Planning Organization (BTPO) is a non-profit association created by local governments and serves as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Portneuf Valley. One of the primary functions of an MPO is to develop a long-range transportation plan for its planning area. Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2040 (MTP 2040) is being developed to map out the Portneuf Valley’s future.


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Whatever will our future be?  Based on community input, BTPO is examining four future growth scenarios:

  • Trend Scenario:  This scenario assumes current development practices and policies will continue to 2040.
  • University Life - Active Living Scenario:  Creates a community centered on a thriving academic hub and includes development of healthy and active neighborhoods.
  • Outdoor Life Scenario: Embraces and protects access to public lands and encourages conservation of land resources.
  • Great Place for Business Scenario: Develops infrastructure to support new and existing businesses.

Which future scenario is right for the Portneuf Valley?  Explore and compare them with our online tools, and let us know what you think.  Portneuf Valley’s future depends on you.

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